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American Roulette
We have written these rules in order to help you when you play in our casino. Don’t
hesitate to ask anyone of our gaming staff if you are not sure of anything.
American Roulette is a fast, easy and fun game to play.
When you wish to play, you will need to buy your chips from the dealer at the
Roulette table or from the cashier desk. The dealer will give you chips all the same
colour and these chips are only for you to use at the table you purchased them from.
Any other players will have their own unique colour too.
Your colour chips are not valid on the other tables so if you wish to leave the table
the colour chips will need to be returned to the dealer who will exchange them for
chips of a cash value. The cash value chips can be used to purchase colour chips from
another Roulette table or may be used to play with at the card games.
When you want to cash in your winnings the cash value chips are exchanged for cash
money only at the cash desk located within the casino.
Inside bets
Betting on one number is called a straight-up. Straight-ups pay 35:1.
Betting on two numbers is called a split. Splits pay 17:1.
Betting on four numbers is called a corner. Corners pay 8:1.
Betting on three numbers is called a street. Streets pay 11:1.
Betting on six numbers is called a sixline. Sixlines pay 5:1.
Outside bets
Betting on dozen or column pays 2:1.
Betting on red/black numbers, 1-18/19-36, even/odd numbers, pays 1:1.
When Zero is the winning number all outside bets lose and will be removed by the dealer.
Black Jack
You can never go wrong with a classics!
Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games. The object of the game is to have your cards total 21 or as near to 21 as possible without going over. Everyone plays against the dealer (the house) who begins the game by dealing each player two cards and the house one card face-up. Cards are counted at their face value. Kings, Queens and Jacks count as 10. Aces count as 1 or 11. If the first two cards you are dealt total 21, you have a blackjack.
When the dealer gives you an Ace with a 10-value card in your first two cards, this is called a “Black Jack”. Unless the dealer’s card is not an Ace or 10-value card, the dealer will pay your bet immediately 3:2 (you win the equal amount and half your bet).
If the dealer has a 10-value card the player will not be paid immediately as there is a possibility the dealer may make also Black Jack at the end of the game. If this happens your bet will neither win nor lose.
Caribbean Stud Poker
Undoubtedly the most popular poker game in the world .The dealer deals all the players and himself 5 cards, the last card the dealer leaves open. Once you see your cards you must decide whether to continue playing and bet against the dealer's hand. You are provided the opportunity to change only 1 card from the originally distributed 5 cards, but you have to buy it. Once all players have decided whether to continue playing the dealer opens his 4 closed cards. Dealer qualifies with a hand of A and K or higher.
                                    BASIC BET                          BONUS BET
Royal Flush                       100:1                                10’000  
Straight Flush                      50:1                                 1’500  
Four of a Kind                      20:1                                   500
Full House                            7:1                                   100  
Flush                                   5:1                                     50  
Straight                                4:1                                     30
Three of a Kind                      3:1
Two Pairs                              2:1
One Pair                               1:1
Buying a card
The players have the option to change one card only. For this change the players have to pay an additional bet equal to the “Ante” bet. If the player buys a card the “BONUS BET “  pays on half.
Poker Room
Casino Ritz has 4-tables poker room that offers in wide range of limits and variety of tournaments. The setting is perfect for enjoying great poker action that is safe, the dealers are trained to run the games professionally, while the management team and poker rules are your assurance that our games uphold the highest standards of integrity and fair play.
Structure for all of our tournaments is built professionally, allowing you to truly play Texas Hold'em.
Three Card Poker is a simple game, fun, and as such, it has gained great popularity in the world. Playing poker with three cards began as a croupier mix deck of 52 cards and 3 cards dealt to the player and 3 themselves. There are two types of bet on Three Card Poker - pair plus and ante. Both bets have different payment and the player can place pair plus bet, ante bet, or both.
1.    Pair Plus – bet for a pair or better hand. Payouts under the conditions for payment of the Pair Plus on the table .
2. Ante - bet against the dealer's hand. Payouts under the conditions for payment of the Ante on the table.
To determine the winner, the dealer must first qualify. The dealer is qualified if he have queen or a higher card, otherwise will be disqualified. If the dealer is disqualified, the player wins 1:1 against your Ante bet. In case the dealer is qualified, then the hand that has the highest card wins (for example, a pair of jacks wins over a pair of tens). If the player's hand is a winning, then the player wins by Ante bet and the bet (Bet). If the dealer wins, the player loses his Ante bet and bet (Bet). If the player's hand is equal to that of the dealer, then Ante bet and bet (Bet) are returned to the player.
Pair Plus bet is for hand of a pair or better. If poker player with three cards do not get a pair or better hand, then he loses his bet, no matter what the dealer has a hand. If the player has a pair or better hand, then the player wins(no matter what the dealer has a hand) and pay it according to terms of payment in Three Card Poker.